JTI M60Q 2022 Agricultural Drone

Short Description:

JTI M60Q 2022 agricultural drone adopts an integrated platform design, which integrates precise spraying and efficient sowing, condensing powerful performance and reliable quality.

Revolutionary rotor structure

M60Q-M50S Drones more suitable for agricultural production

Intelligent flight control

M60Q-M50S 60~90μm high pressure atomization

Super stable wind field

M60Q-M50S Strong penetrating power, good plant protection effect


M60Q-M50S Precise and fully autonomous flight

All technology functions in one

M60Q-M50S spraying/spreading/mapping

Multidirectional radar matrix

M60Q-M50S Full awareness of flight direction

Product Detail

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Future agriculture Expand from this

Technological Result From
Six Years’ Experience

M60Q-M50S  Revolutionary arm structure, more convenient to transition

M60Q-M50S  Folding design on the arm, stronger and more durable

M60Q-M50S  IPX67 dustproof and waterproof rating

M60Q-M50S  Multiple aerodynamic enhancements

M60Q-M50S  Cost-effective and precise


Seven Years Accumulation of
High-Pressure Atomization Technology

The penetration power of pesticide application is greater than that of traditional plant protection drones.

New generation of pumps
M60Q-M50S Maximum flow up to 8 liters/min

Smart high pressure atomization
M60Q-M50S 60~90pu high pressure atomization range

Impact resistant silicone spray boom
M60Q-M50S Soft material, avoid breaking.

Quick Disassemble Arms
M60Q-M50S Easy to disassemble, transport and maintain.

Quick Release Spreader
Precise Broadcast, More Convenient

Quick install spreader design without disassembly.

In-line Opposite Centrifugal Discs
M60Q-M50S Strong wind resistance, more accurate sowing

30 Kilogram seed tank
M60Q-M50S Excellent storage space

Adjustable spreading range
M60Q-M50S The size of the broadcast only needs to be adjusted by the flying height

Fast installation
M60Q-M50S Anti-pollution.

Multidirectional Radar Matrix

Bring more comprehensive and delicate perception and obstacle avoidance ability.

M60Q-M50S Front Radar.   M60Q-M50S Rear Radar.   M60Q-M50S Ground Imitation Radar.


FPV night vision wide-angle camera

M60Q-M50S The field conditions are clear at a glance, and the safety of flight operations is guaranteed

Surging Power

M60Q-M50S Surging power to meet the needs of heavy loads and high-intensity operations


Brand New Motor

M60Q-M50S Greatly improved power output

32-inch High-efficiency Paddle

M60Q-M50S High temperature resistant and high strength


Built-in Integrated FOC Electronic Speed Control

M60Q-M50S Precisely adjust power, reduced power consumption

Brand New Smart Battery
Powerful, And Safer

M60Q-M50S The new TATTU 2200mAh 25C 12SIP smart superchargeable battery has more power and fast charging function. It only needs 3 sets of batteries and a smart charger to cycle work.


Smart Mapping

M60Q-M50S 33 acres surveying and mapping finish in 12 minutes

M60Q-M50S Building a Smart Agricultural Ecology

M60Q-M50S Open a new era of unmanned farmland management

Route Planning

M60Q-M50S Precise Operation


Intermittent Spray

M60Q-M50S Intermittent spray, No need to worry


A-B Point Pattern

M60Q-M50S Convenient and easy to operate


Thousands Of Miles Away, Connected By One Screen

It can query the black box of the drone and read the abnormal operation status of the drone.

Thousands Of Miles Away, Connected By One Screen

It can query the black box of the drone and read the abnormal operation status of the drone.

Jiutian JTI M60Q Agricultural Drone
Parameter Table

Carrier Platform

M60Q-M50S Dimensions:
2885mm*2885mm*790mm (product unfolded size)
600mm*670mm*1600mm (product folded size)
M60Q-M50S Total weight of the machine (no load and without battery): 28 kg
M60Q-M50S Symmetrical motor wheelbase: 1970 mm
M60Q-M50S Arm tube material: carbon fiber
M60Q-M50S Protection class IP56

Flight Parameters

M60Q-M50S Maximum effective take-off weight (near sea level): 68 kg
M60Q-M50S Standard take-off weight (including battery and full load): 65 kg
M60Q-M50S Hovering accuracy (good GNSS signal) horizontal ±0.5 m, vertical ±0.3 m
M60Q-M50S Power battery 14S 22000mAh smart battery
M60Q-M50S Recommended working environment temperature -10~40 ℃
M60Q-M50S Maximum operating flight speed: 8 m/s
M60Q-M50S Maximum flight speed (good GNSS signal): 10 m/s
M60Q-M50S The maximum take-off altitude is 4000 m (as the altitude increases, the load needs to be reduced)
M60Q-M50S Hover time
No-load hover time: 24 minutes (take-off weight 35 kg)
Full-load hover time: 10 minutes (take-off weight 65 kg)
M60Q-M50S Measured near sea level, wind speed < 3 m/s, for reference only

Spraying System

M60Q-M50S Rated volume: 30 L
M60Q-M50S Remaining detection: Flow sensor
M60Q-M50S Number of nozzles: 8
M60Q-M50S Spray width: 6-12m (depending on operating height, wind speed, and spray volume per acre)
M60Q-M50S Atomization particle size 60~90μm (related to the actual working environment, spray flow, etc.)
M60Q-M50S Number of brushless water pumps: 2
M60Q-M50S Maximum working flow: 10 L/min

Spreading System

M60Q-M50S Weight: 1.8kg
M60Q-M50S Tank capacity: 30L
M60Q-M50S Maximum load inside the sowing box: 30kg
M60Q-M50S Applicable material seed diameter: 0.5-5mm
M60Q-M50S Maximum tank gate opening area: 8.6cm²

Radar System

Ground radar
M60Q-M50S Modulation method: FMCW
M60Q-M50S Frequency: 2.4GHz
M60Q-M50S Protection class: IP65
M60Q-M50S Height range setting: 1~10m
M60Q-M50S Ranging accuracy: 0.02m

Obstacle Avoidance Radar (Optional)
M60Q-M50S Perception range: 2~12m
M60Q-M50S Conditions of use: The relative altitude of the aircraft is higher than 1.5m and the speed is less than 6m/s
M60Q-M50S Safe distance: 4m
M60Q-M50S Obstacle avoidance direction: achieve front and rear obstacle avoidance according to the flight direction

Power System

M60Q-M50S  Model: JTI9 MAX
M60Q-M50S Stator size: 96×26mm
M60Q-M50S value: 100KV
M60Q-M50S Maximum pulling force (single motor): 29 kg
M60Q-M50S Rated power (single motor): 1500 W

Electronic Speed Control
M60Q-M50S Maximum continuous operating current: 120 A
M60Q-M50S Maximum working voltage: 60.9 V (14S Li-polymer battery)

Foldable propeller
M60Q-M50S  Model: 36120

Control System

Remote control
M60Q-M50S Model: H12
M60Q-M50S Operating frequency: 2.400-2.4833 GHz
M60Q-M50S Signal effective distance (no interference, no blocking): 1-3km
M60Q-M50S Battery voltage: 4.2V (rechargeable lithium battery)
M60Q-M50S Battery capacity: 10000 mAh
M60Q-M50S Weight: 530g
M60Q-M50S Dimensions: 190x152x94mm
M60Q-M50S Supported language: Simplified Chinese/English

FPV camera
M60Q-M50S Viewing Angle (FOV): 120°
M60Q-M50S Resolution: 720P
M60Q-M50S Flashlight brightness: 1000lux
M60Q-M50S Flashlight power: 8W

Electricity System

Smart Battery
M60Q-M50S Model: 14S 22000mAh
M60Q-M50S Battery Type: 14S Lithium Polymer
M60Q-M50S Rated capacity: 22 A
M60Q-M50S Charging ambient temperature: 10~45 ℃

M60Q-M50S Model: H26+
M60Q-M50S Output power: 2400 W
M60Q-M50S Input voltage: AC, 180~240 V, 50/60 Hz
M60Q-M50S Output voltage and current: DC direct current, 50~60 V/ 30 A (maximum)
M60Q-M50S Working environment temperature: -10~40 ℃

Special Reminders And

1. The specific operation time depends on the actual situation, and it is not ruled out that the new firmware update will bring differences in the time-consuming.

2. Actual job data depends on the actual situation. The test results are from the standard laboratory of this product and the related-use parameters and data. The use of the product may deviate due to the operating environment, temperature, human operation methods, and other reasons. Please strictly follow the official product instructions and guidelines while operating.

3. The effective working range of the sensing distance will vary due to the material, location, and shape of the target object.

M60Q-M50S The final interpretation right belongs to JTI.

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